Ode to Balance & Beachcombing Blues

The website launched!
And I have made sales!!
Thank you all so much!!!

I also returned to work, between that and life in general I’ve been really missing bench time. And I do mean I have been missing it. I’m hoping to make time in the evenings and weekends… find that elusive “balance” we all hear about. Does it actually exist?! Or do we all just rush from one spinning plate to another keeping them spinning on that pole while pretending we’ve got our lives together? I mean I do pretty much have my life together. It’s not like I’m careening about my life like a drunken lobster, (well, not usually anyhow) but not all the things on my weekly list get crossed off. And by the end of the month, I’d really like an extra week to catch up and breath a little. Can I get an "Amen"?

Anyhow… what’s in the works…
More single piece beach pottery jewellery, a re-stock of the hearts line of necklaces.
Does anyone want earrings? I’ve been pondering that, on shepherd hooks or hoops? Are long and dangly in? Let me know if you have any strong opinions.
I’ve also got pages of sculpture ideas in my sketchbook.
And FYI my sketchbook looks nothing like Arden's (IG’s #art_hewitt) sketchbook. She’s the artist responsible for our March “It Girl”. Mine’s all ovals that are supposed to be round, not straight lines, and off kilter perspective. Hers is all cool characters with a story to tell and not straight lines with a purpose. She’s also a complete bad ass with a chainsaw and tree climbing gear. Which is a cool balance to me!
And spring has sprung into action. I’m seeing posts all over my IG and FB feeds of people starting to beachcomb.
And I am SO green with envy!
I have enough beach finds to last me a good while, it’s the thrill of the hunt I miss. The meditative slow walk on a long beach.
I did a few exploratory walks along the Ottawa River and found a few good base rocks and a piece of brown slag glass but nothing else. I will be looking for more promising spots later this spring. Down-river from a long-established city like Ottawa there must be treasures to find. I am wondering if it’ll be less beachcombing and more mudlarking, but without the tide?
In any case, I will be out there. Not because I need to but because I enjoy that slow walk on a long beach.

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